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Bubble Soccer

bubbleWe all know how important it is to stay fit and healthy; a good eating plan followed by a good exercise regime can mean the difference between overcoming some serious illnesses.  The problem is that so many forms of exercise can be utterly boring and very little has changed in decades. Or has it? Today we would like to introduce you to a new crazy sport which is called bubble soccer.  This essentially involves getting inside a huge bubble ball which keeps you protected and then you play on a field with a similar sized ball which all the players concentrate on and you need to score goals at each ends of the field. If you’re based in Singapore then you can check out this great company  which offers bubble soccer.

They offer some of the best rates in the City and have packages to suit all age groups and types of players Their packages start from $200 nett / 10 Bubble Soccer Suits and their Standard Package includes 2 facilitators, free photography services, soccer ball and goal post. So don’t delay and get involved with bubble soccer today.

Bubble soccer

bubbleSoccer is known as the most famous and beloved sports, if not most famous sport and hobby in entire world. However, with its gaining popularity even bubble soccer has become quite famous. The World Cup of soccer that is world soccer tournament which also goes and happens after every 4 years, gets high number of viewers than other event of sporting in entire world of soccer. Soccer is a great deal in few countries which it has also caused political tensions that is between nations while their teams also have played the game against one other during the World Cup.


So now the question is that why is soccer considered as a great hobby for people? For one important thing, it does not needs much of the equipment to usually play the game of soccer, you only need the soccer ball that you can kick around as well as the couple friends, and few kind of the goal that you may also use to always kick the ball. The key rules are rather very simple as well as obvious, you need to kick soccer ball all around and also try to kick them in goal of other team to score, so you just can’t touch soccer ball with the hands.