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Guess who wins the world cup

world cup

world cupIt is possible that your county playing the FIFA World Cup or not but all over the world people holding their breath for this celebration event to start. If you are true lover of FIFA then you made your necessary things in advance to enjoy the World Cup. Lets us try to guess who wins the world cup 2014.

England Team enjoys a great support and fan following. The best FIFA players belong from this amazing team and all the players in this team is best of their forms, so that England will surely be a hard challenge. On the other hand, Italy will definitely like to get back the cup in this season. Their forward and defense are world famous. In case the forward performers of this nation are good at goals scoring, this nation can preserve their challenge this time.

If talking about Brazil that it supposedly takes pleasure in the maximum amount of followers from all over the world. They have an extremely good history of world cup and have the greatest players. This country is certainly a potential winner of world cup 2014. Germany is also very strong competitor recognized for their wonderful team work, the players of Germany recognize the best tactics and skills and it will be very helpful in this world cup.