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Sports Jobs in the Global Market

In the distant past, sports teams consisted solely of local athletes and coaches. Teams didn’t have managers, agents, press agents, sports therapy specialists…the list goes on. As the world began its journey towards globalisation, the sports industry grew with this evolution. Players started playing for teams far away from their homes and teams started trading players and coaches. With the progression towards this massive globalisation, the industry has changed itself dramatically.


Not that long ago most athletes either represented themselves or had friends or family members do it. Teams didn’t hold any obligation to deal with any form of agents and many held a strict ‘no agents’ policy. Since then, the industry simple revolving around a single sports team has become so large that even the thought of not having agents becomes a stressful matter. There are literally thousands of different jobs available in the sports sector alone, each having its specific role or function. This includes everything from serving drinks from a concession stand to the general manager of a team deciding which players to buy.


Sports JobsJobs in sport have themselves managed to become an extremely large industry. With millions of athletes world wide playing countless different sports, from stoolball to football, ice hockey to handball, American football to cricket. I could go on. And on. So with all these millions of potential positions to fill and jobs that need doing, it should be fairly easy to find something that I would greatly enjoy pursuing as a career and easily find an opening right?




It is worth starting the thought process with where you would like to live. If you’re picturing yourself living in Dallas, USA slaving away for a National Football League team, you shouldn’t start your job search by looking for something along the lines of sports jobs UK. Searching for that elusive dream job you most certainly are after can be a painstaking and tedious process. Going from sport vacancies site to sport vacancies site, sifting through thousands and thousands of job postings looking for the few which relate to the sports industry.


This lengthy process might not be necessary if you look in the right place. There are a few companies that specifically function to serve the global sports recruitment industry. Global sports job listings are a click away. Sports specific jobs can be searched through and organised however you find it easiest to do so. Sports recruitment managers are far more likely to post their available positions on a website specifically dedicated to their industry. They are likely to get more relevant applications from people looking solely within the global sport vacancies. It’s a win win every way you look at it.