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Live social interactive sports app

fireGame day will never be the same again. Introducing the world’s first live social interactive sports app Firefan. Ignite your passion for your team and predict game play the way you see it in real-time on game day. Things will never be the same in any sport anywhere in the world.

With a totally interactive sports fan experience, Firefan gives you the inter-connected sporting experience to challenge your friends with your sporting knowledge on your favorite team and their performance on game day. Simply download the app from your favorite online store and log in to the most thrilling sports fan experience ever developed.

If you think you know your sport, you know who is going to score that touchdown, or make that rush, if you think Ronaldo will score in the big game tonight because his form of late has been outstanding, then you need to make your decision and stand behind your team knowledge.

Firefan gives you that opportunity, become the ultimate sports fan in your social network and earn points to prove your status as the fan that knows how their team performs. Download Firefan from the app store today and get started on your team’s next game day!