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Why you need a professional sports agent

sports agentAre you an avid basketball player and thinking about going pro? Perhaps you’ve already gone pro but you’re not happy with your current management team. We all know there is good and bad in this world and the same applies to team or solo player management, if you have someone bad managing you then the chances are you won’t progress much further. On the flip side if you have someone professional with the right contacts and the right mind frame then the opportunities are endless.


It’s important that you do your research careful though as there are a lot of sharks out there and because of the level of money involved in professional sport you will get many chancers. Your best bet is to ask around or look who’s managing players/teams that are currently doing well and earning good salaries. Another option you can look into is Marcher Sports Management who are a full management service agency with a solid reputation.  They have recruiters, coaches and agents that have an established trust with their agency and have years of solid experience in professional football.  So if you’re serious about your career and you want to make the most of it then don’t delay, get in touch with them today.