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Athletes Need To Prevent Chafing in the Summer Heat

medWe all know how important it is to stay fit and healthy – the fitter and healthier we stay the longer we can prolong our lives. This applies to both mental and physical fitness as well as eating healthy. Of course when undertaking various fitness regimes such as running, cycling, basketball etc  it’s always important that you wear the correct clothing/attire as with the strenuous work you’re doing and over time it can actually cause harm to your body for example wearing the wrong running shoes can cause damage to your feet and wearing the wrong clothing can cause chaffing which can have long term negative effects. Let’s take a look at how you can prevent this especially in the summer heat.

As the summer heat bears down on tournament athletes around the country there are several key things athletes should do to help them compete at their optimum level and enjoy their sports.  According to CNBC ( parents spend $7B in travel alone for youth sports.  By taking a few simple steps of prevention the kids can perform better and enjoy the sport more.


In the heat of the summer it is easy for athletes to suffer from painful skin irritations causing chafing or blisters.  After hours in the heat an athlete will begin to sweat, skin can rub together or uniforms or slide shorts can cause friction.  After multiple repetitions chafing can occur.  Many people think chafing can only occur in the mid section and groin area but it actually can occur under the arms, around athletic shoes and around protective gear for catchers or commonly worn batter’s protective gear


Once the chafing and irritations begin it is very difficult to cure the symptoms over the time span of a 2-3 day tournament.  Preventing these problems are key.  By focusing on prevention kids can have a more enjoyable experience and play better.

There are several alternatives on the marketplace to help prevent these problems.  For some sports special chafe prevention clothing may help.  These consist of shorts or shirts and can usually be one for not more than one game before needing to be washed.  There are a variety of skin care products on the market that advertise they help with these symptoms.  Several factors go into selecting a product that is right for you.  Easy application with little mess is important to insure the kids use it and don’t avoid application due to the difficulty.  You will want to find something that is long lasting.  You need durability for these long, hot days to make sure protection is in place.  Between the sweat, rain, etc. you will want something that is moisture resistant that won’t wash off duringthe game/tournament.  Lastly, look for something that is offered by people with familiarity with competitive sports and sports medicine.

One alternative that meets these criteria is a product, ChafeZone®.  It has been made since 2001 and created by sports medicine professionals who have experience in multiple levels of competition in sports. It’s easy to apply, durable and moisture resistant.  The compact size fits easily into an athletic bag to make sure the athlete has access to it.  The product has been used by professional, collegiate, high school, tournament and Olympic athletes.

Regardless of the choice you make, prevention is key.  Find the product that is good for you and make sure your athletes take the necessary precautions to protect themselves in these hot summer months.


For more information please visit  check out their ChafeZone section here or why not check out some of their great product testimonials.  Of course if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team or why not reach out to them on twitter.