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Premiership results at your fingertips

Sports! Sports! Sports! Who doesn’t love a good sports match?  The choice is so varied from football, rugby, cricket, swimming, athletics, badmington the list goes on and it’s not just centralised to a single country sports knows no borders and brings people together in a massive way. As a sports fan you’ll know that there’s nothing better than relaxing at home or perhaps with a pint down the pub and watching your favourite team in action, it’s one of those rare occasions where you can let it all out and just have good fun whether it’s by yourself or with friends or family.


The premiership is a perfect example of a great season of football to watch, England has some of the best football teams from around the world and it’s no wonder that football is much like a religion in the UK and around the world. Staying on top of the results is easy with these premier league results updated on a regular basis it means you can follow the results of your favourite team 24/7.