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Online class scheduling

book2With the invention of different tech tools, class organizers will no longer waste their time getting buried in the back-office, managing their clients schedule the old fashioned way. BookSteam scheduling software will automate and simplify booking processes for a lot of businesses such as gyms, yoga studios, educational facilities, tours, etc. Just setup your class online using BookSteam, add how many people will attend, set duration time, set run dates and that’s it, clients can book that class online by themselves. This software comes with a highly affordable monthly fee and a free trial.


Clients can access your business schedule online from their smartphones, tablets, desktop. They can be fishing or going to the grocery store and at the same time booking an appointment. It becomes very convenient for your clients, they don’t have to track you down with the phone or an email to schedule them in, it can be done easily online. Start taking your business to the next level with this revolutionary scheduling software.