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Monaco Grand Prix packages

Monaco Grand Prix packages are made to measure to perfectly meet the requirements of those people who are conscious about budget. All the information is perfectly inspected in these packages and they are carefully planned. They make sure that jets are ready and fuelled for take-off, blades of helicopter are droning and famous five star facilities hotel are taking your baggage up to your room earlier than the driver of limousine has had the time to open the car’s door.


They are providing effective VIP treatment; the packages can contain invitations to the very excessive Monaco after-party at the luxury Monaco yachts and Amber Lounge in the major positions. They can keep back the very finest tables for you and they will confirm that there is a vintage champagne bottle waiting, in addition limitless drinks the entire night. In case you wish to eat in the best restaurants they can also book that prior to promise you the extremely perfect tables.


There are different types of options, which can be mixed in to one of these packages. With the help of this package, you can get pleasure from the race from the wonderful surroundings, with entertainment, free flowing champagne in the marquee garden.