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MLB Starting Lineups

The rosters of MLB the MLB Starting Lineups game have been perfectly announced as well as the teams also are riddled through the players which also make fans wish to get the tickets of MLB to see them while they play. Here starting lineup selections about American League.

Catcher – The catchers will be Minnesota Twins and Joe Mauer: Mauer is the leading entire of the league with about .326 of the batting average. Moreover, he is one of best hitters in entire league of the match.

First Base – Boston Red Sox and Kevin Youkilis: You just cannot even argue with such kind of selection. Where Justin Morneau as well as Jason Giambi both are having the good years, on the other hand even Youkilis has been batting for more than .300 and they also have the nice power of the numbers.



Second Base – Boston Red Sox and Dustin Pedroia: I just cannot even support such kind of pick. However, Ian Kinsler is also having the fantastic season of the Rangers. They are also hitting more than .320 and they also have 13 home runs as well as 50 RBI. It is most astonishing statistic is where Kinsler has also scored 74 runs and that also in only 83 games. Moreover, Pedroia is also having a great year, but they are not on similar kind of level as the Kinsler.