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Highest Quality Carrom Boards in Singapore

carromAre you a Carrom player? Do you just love the game and can’t get enough of playing it? Then you need the best equipment to improve your game. Using the Highest Quality Carrom Boards in Singapore can give you the edge you need on your equipment to train and play with the best in the game and have a whole load of fun while doing it!

Carrom can be played for fun with friends, or competitively in a league. The game has worldwide appeal and is played by millions across the globe. Picking out your Carrom board is all about deciding on how you want to play Carrom, do you want to be a competitor, or are you looking to play for fun with your friends and family?

We have the right Carrom board for your experience level. Choose your board from our range; The Premier board, the International rules board and the Tournament board, then set it up and start your first game!