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FM16 – Can’t Win To Champion

FM16 is basically more difficult as well as highly challenging as compared to the previous editions. It is important to require understanding about Roles as well as Duties. Read complete in-game and description for all of the game and try to also analyse them over the entire pitch. You also need to also understand Mentality as well as Team Shape. After this, you can also combine the common sense with the perfect analysis so you will finally pull it completely off.  On the other hand, many other goals are also coming from different crosses, rebounds with different types of set kind of pieces of full backs.



On the other hand, fm16 can’t win where you require at least one single man on Edge of the Area and also one to close down with the corner while also defending corners, or else the opposition would even quickly recycle the possession in most dangerous area for playing away is highly difficult for the reason the players also tend to usually miss several good chances simply. There is not much that you can also do to always stop the fast winger of the goalkeeper that usually sends to the long kicks should have the Kicking attribute, your team will also lose possession several time.