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Fitness and wellness

zeroIf talking about fitness and wellness then it is a curious mixture of words that superficially seem to be identical. In the health and fitness these conditions being used independently somewhat, but observing them together as an expression straight away brought questions to people’s mind. Are the two expressions similar or different; do they narrate with each other and in case so then how; is there few significant conclusion that can draw from their being joint in the expression fitness and health? It is not sure what else you will find out, but to understand neither can be gained without a special frame of mind.



Every mission starts with an origin point or in this point a perception of focus. Thus, let’s set up that we are doing our assessment from a holistic health viewpoint.

Instantly it is obvious that the expressions do narrate in a significant manner. Surely a main part of a sound body will be that it was in best physical situation. On the other hand, wellness moves further and comprises perceptions and concepts highly inclined by the mind; satisfactory or comfortable condition, sound mind and prosperous. So wellness and fitness relate in similar manner as a division and the tree it is developing from: fitness is a division of the wellness world.