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Fantasy premier league

The Fantasy Premier League is basically official competition of fantasy football that is completely free to join for everyone. The Football fans all across the world also pit their own wits and that also against one other in quest for different fantasy points. This is really an outstanding opportunity to test the knowledge of football by controlling the own squad above the course of entire season. This Premier League is basically watched by several millions and it is usually considered as most competitive as well as outstanding leagues all around the world. With different exhilarating players, it adds to widespread as well as extensive appeal of format of fantasy football, where you will be also able to create your dream team.


In the starting of this game, you will be given the budget of about £100m where you need to spend the 15-man squad. It also includes 2 main goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders as well as 3 forwards. Now, the question is that how you will spend the budget is completely on you. Managing budget is also great part of Fantasy Premier League, since you should also get the cheap players for making up more exclusive stars of your team. The single rule while choosing your team is that you will be the just only to select the maximum of 3 players from team of the premier league.