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The best fantasy football community you’ll find online

leagueAs an avid sports fan you’ll know all about the ups and downs of great sports weekends and how much fun it is to support and track your team as they progress through the championship. How often have you thought to yourself I could select a better team than this, or I bet I could manage the team better than this. Well thankfully there are ways you can do this; of course not in the real league, it’s known as fantasy football. Do you have it takes to put together a winning football team? League Genius gives you the perfect chance to find out if you and your friends have what it takes to become a top flight team manager. Fantasy football, like most other fantasy related games, puts you in total charge of your new team, be it on the sidelines or in the front office you have total control.


leaguegeniusscreenshotmed is a new online Fantasy Football community where people can share and discuss fantasy football articles, news, strategy, and videos. Users can register with Twitter, Facebook, or E-mail – it only takes 10 seconds. So don’t delay and get signed up today and start showing off those managerial skills.


6 Signs of Fantasy Football Syndrome

fantasy footballRecently the doctors of EPL (English Premier League) have exposed a new disease related to health that could contact fans of football, when they chomp through too much fantasy football. It is known by the name of Fantasy Football Syndrome. Even they exposed 6 Signs of Fantasy Football Syndrome and you can also check them.

You on track to care regarding hated football matches that do not involved your desired team as the football players that are available on the field are in your selected team. On the other hand, you are too much concern regarding the fantasy team’s performance than your desired team of EPL. You informed your friends about the Luis Suarez that he is the wonderful goal scorer, though he scored a hat trick alongside your desired football club. You are searching for the football player from the different club that is playing alongside your buddies and yours team of EPL, opposite your mates. Sometimes, you move to the twitter account of your fantasy player and message or tweeted them to give some lecture on how he must be playing the game. Really you feel that you might take over the job of David Moyes and be a wonderful manager compare to him at the Old Trafford

6 Reasons to Try Daily Fantasy Football for the First Time

fantasyHitting the big leagues is a dream come true for only a handful of people every year. You need to be in the best physical shape possible, have the best stats around and (ideally) be right out of college. Or high school, if you’re something close to a phenom when handed the pigskin. Being drafted for the NFL takes years of dedication and practice, and then it’s all a crap shoot from there on out – will you be better than everyone else? Will the coaches see in you all the hard work you’ve made part of your life?

Forget that. You can make it big in your own right with daily fantasy football, and you don’t even have to leave your couch. Or office, or man cave – wherever you’re comfortable, that’s where the game is. Interested in getting started? Here are some reasons to get you motivated:




  1. You can take your social life to the stratosphere – Being in the fantasy leagues requires you to have basic social skills in order to be on a team and communicate properly. You’ll be able to make new friends and connect with those you might have lost touch with. Fantasy football is a social network all to itself, and diehard fans want to keep in contact with those they know they can count on in a pinch.
  2. You can make money – Bet you didn’t know that one, but it’s true. If someone offered you money to sit at home and run a fantasy football campaign, you’d turn it down, right? Your office job is way better than football with friends. Okay, all joking aside, it can be a lucrative endeavor if you strategize and play your cards right.
  3. You can connect with your significant other – Football isn’t just a gentleman’s game anymore; women love to get in on the action, too, and if they can bond with their man and his buddies? That makes the deal even sweeter.
  4. Your game knowledge will grow – Most people have a basic idea of the game and its rules, but owning a fantasy league (or even playing in one) means your know-how will expand in leaps and bounds as you learn the ins and outs.
  5. Everyone loves a braggart – Okay, so that last part isn’t exactly true, but hey – you’ve earned the right to brag a little about how awesome you are when you win! Do a little dance, show everyone who’s the boss – it’s okay. We love you, anyway.
  6. Your team can win or lose – In real life, that is. Let’s say the team you love is really trying their best to lose, and succeeding at it. That’s okay! Chances are your fantasy team is doing better, so it will all work out in the end.


Daily fantasy football is a great stress reliever, and fun, at that. Brush up on your skills and test your knowledge of the best sport known to man, then go show the world who it should really fear.


So there you go. All the reasons why you need to get into fantasy football. IF you would like to find out more information why not get in touch with the team behind this site.  Of if social media is your thing why not pop on over to their Facebook or Twitter sites.

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