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What is the Point of Electric Bikes?

ebike1While offering the same fantastic benefits that traditional bicycles include, electric bikes manage to take out a bit of the extra effort while out for a ride. They still offer a healthier lifestyle, and allows you to be part of the cyclist community, and all the environmental benefits on top.

Where electric bikes really shine is the advantage of climbing hills with ease, or when facing a heavy head wind. This means you can go on much longer trips, and reduce the chances of being drained of breath and energy before getting full enjoyment out of trials. Additionally, it can also help encourage new-comers to the sport of cycling, allowing for friends and family who may not enjoy the effort of cycling traditionally to join you on a ride.



Also electric bikes are a perfect mode of transportation for tourists in new cities. With being inexpensive to hire, the flexibility and manoeuvrability allows tourists to easily see the sights on their own timetable providing a much broader range than your legs do.

However due to electric bikes being powered by a battery, there is a limit on the range. Currently the range can be from around 18 miles up to 30, but this will vary depending on size of battery, model of bike and the weight.



This new market is growing quickly, and increasing becoming more and more popular. However there are a few disadvantages, due to being a new technology, there is a significant cost to purchasing an electric bike which may put off some people. But like with all new technology, the cost should fall significantly as demand is increased. Whether the price is expensive is subjective, if used for commuting a direct comparison should be made against a car. When this comparison is made, electric bikes are significantly cheaper, as the cost of on-going maintenance, repairs, fuel (charging the battery) are all extremely cheaper than running a car.

Furthermore due to the complexity of the technology in an electric bike, when compared with a traditional model there is more potential for things to go wrong. With it being a new technology as well, it can be hard to find a technician who is willing and able to repair any issues that arise.

The high price tag can also attract more attention and risk of theft, so if you are considering investing in an electric bike insurance should be seriously considered. Many of insurers already offer a policy to cover electric bikes, providing a peace of mind.



Overall it is hard to determine whether electric bikes will stay as a niche category, or pick up universal appeal. The advantages are vast, the wider range you can travel, a more exciting experience and encouraging beginners to take up the sport are all big positives. However while the price is slowly falling, they are still too expensive for most consumers unless the user intends to use it for commuting and will be saving money on public transport or private car costs.

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