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Choosing the best adjustable dumbbells

dumbellStrength training has become popularised in the mainstream media over the last decade or so. Images of athletes pulling weighted sleds, pushing barbells at their local hardcore gym and wheeling around kettlebells while dripping sweat on the floor and developing the perfect physique. It’s time for you to consider adding weighted training into your training schedule.

With the rise of strength training programmes such as Crossfit, anyone can now incorporate weight-assisted strength training into their daily training regimen and gain all the benefits associated with weight training, all you need is the time, the venue and the right set of weights.

Selecting the right free weights to add into your training can seem like a frustrating experience, with so many variations of free weights, resistance machines and equipment available to you online, what do you choose to buy in the end? If you were to purchase a fixed weight machine, or a partial barbell setup, you are limited in the amount of exercises you can do with them because they offer a fixed range of motion. Purchasing an entire gym setup complete with barbells and machines can also be incredibly expensive and a nightmare to move around and store.


To allow you the greatest exercise diversity, the best place to start in your weight training endeavours, is with a pair of dumbbells. Dumbbell training is great because unlike a barbell, it offers variable weight resistance for both sides of the body, giving you the opportunity to work on any strength imbalances while teaching your body and nervous system how to operate independently on each side under weighted stress, therefore; dumbbells do not lock your body into a fixed range of motion like a resistance machine will.

They are also completely portable and allow you to pick them up and take them with you everywhere you go, from a run, to a workout in the park or even a trip to a friend’s house for a fun-filled training session.

Most people do not have the space to set up their own personal gym at home. A good collection of dumbbells in various sizes can take up a lot of space with some heavy, clumsy equipment. Modern dumbbells have discovered a solution to this problem and have developed dumbbell systems that are weight adjustable.

These dumbbells are user-friendly and require only the flipping of a catch for them to be adjusted to the weight you desire. Choosing the best adjustable dumbbells requires a bit of research into the top brands and products available. Find a great review site that specialises in fitness equipment and then read up on their discussion of the equipment, search some user reviews and then select your new dumbbells and get to work!

Find out the top choices of home-gym athletes for the best adjustable dumbbells on the market and make an informed purchase decision about which set its right for you and your training needs, visit a review site today and start your search for the equipment to begin your weight assisted journey to better health, better performance and better athleticism.


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