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The coolest kids toy out there

bikeEvery kid wants a bike right? Bikes give kids a sense of independence and freedom as they whizz along with the wind in their hair. However, to most parents, the thought of their young kid being thrown from a bike is enough to scare them out of buying their kids a bicycle.

What you need is a balance bike. Balance bikes are used to train young kids how to ride a bicycle. It helps them feel out riding by learning how to balance while moving on the bike. There are many different models, sizes and features available on the market, so make sure you have a look around online to find the best balance bike for your kid. For more information check out balance bike reviews

Some important features of a good balance bike would be the ride height and size of the frame, the geometry and composition of the frame and the efficacy of the brakes are important details as well. The tires should also be durable and air-inflated, not solid. The seat should have a comfortable foam and the grips should be easy on the hands. These are all determined by the child’s height and weight, so make sure you have those on hand when you are making your selection.