Functions of Water Shoes

sportsWater shoes as the name suggests are shoes meant for water related activities. Water shoes are important for protection, safety and they are worn to avoid slippage which is a regular occurrence with water related activities. Water shoes are designed essentially for comfort and protection with its outsole and external part made from flexible materials. The following are the reasons why water shoes are very important.

Water shoes are essential for safety and protection during water related activities

Water shoes are made with flexible materials that cover the feet entirely. These shoes are usually made with thick soles in order to protect the feet, most especially the sole of the feet from harmful objects. There are different styles of water shoes deleting on the water activities.


Water shoes provide support and help to avoid slippage

The design and features of water shoes are essentially to avoid the risk of slippage and protect the feet from accidents caused by this.  Water shoes provide support and traction for the feet as the outsols of water shoes are made usually with rubber to reduce the risk of slippage on wet surfaces. The various styles of water shoes all offer support and traction but their are distinct differences in features on them. For example, slip on water shoes are best for beach day while lace-up water shoes are best for wet trail hiking as it has ankle support that helps protect the feet in rocky terrain.

Water shoes are lightweight and there is no risk of Waterlogging

Water shoes  do not have the ability to get waterlogged and heavy as opposed to the normal shoes. Water shoes are important for water activities as they do not weigh yoi down during these activities. Water shoes are designed uniquely for both underwater use and dry surface use. There is also no risk of water related issues with water shoes such as foot odour,  blisters, warts etc.


Water shoes and used for water activities such as kayaking, tubing,  wet trail hiking, surfing, water sports etc. To find out more about water shoes you can visit

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