Mens Jeans

idleJeans are an iconic piece of fashion wear, whether you’re a man or women there probably has been some point in your life when you’ve worn a pair of jeans.  Essentially jeans are made from denim or what is known as dungaree cloth and they have been in production for almost 200 years, the inventor known as Jacob Davis and Levis Strauss came up with the idea in the early 1800’s. You may not know this but they are actually named after  Genoa which is in Italy.

The reason for this is that is where corduroy was made and it was either called jean or jeane. Lvis Strauss is now one of the biggest names in the Jeans industry and some of the original pairs of Levis can fetch upwards of 1000’s of dollars.  Of course jeans are available now in all shapes and sizes and if you’re looking for the perfect pair for yourself then don’t hesitate to visit  men’s jeans

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