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cric2Sports are a pastime that many people love to participate in. Sometimes more so than playing sports, many enjoy watching them. However, sometimes watching sports can be difficult.


Many people are limited to watching sports. Sports fans without television or cable are limited. Cable bills can be very expensive, so a lot of people choose not to purchase plans. This can be frustrating for sports fans who would have to travel to a friend’s house or a sports bar.


Additionally, sports games can begin during times where fans aren’t available. Some tournaments can happen mid-day. In addition, those with varying work hours could miss their game entirely.


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cric1Love to watch sports but don’t have what you need to watch them? This is a shared struggle among sports fans.


Watching sports normally requires access to a television. For sports fans who don’t have a television or access to the proper network, they could miss their game. Additionally, work schedules or emergencies can prohibit some fans from seeing their game live. This can be frustrating as coworkers or friends who did see the game often discuss it at work or when they hang out the next day.


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