Where to buy secondhand bowls

bowlsBowls has been a game that has been played by the elderly for decades and in fact probably even longer than that, we’ve all seen our elderly relatives playing this game on a Sunday afternoon and enjoying it. Bowls is in fact doing a bit of a turnaround at the moment and becoming more mainstream. This means the younger generations is now starting to pick up on this game and enjoy it.


How is it played? Well to put it simply you roll a  small white ball to a group of larger bowls, the one who gets the small ball the closest scores the points.  If a competitor has bowled two bowls closer to the jack than their opponent’s nearest, they are awarded two shots.  This is all then repeated over and the scores are tallied up on a board. The game is fairly cheap to start but if you’re just getting started out then you can check out second hand bowls

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