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Mark Hurd

Mark Vincent Hurd was born on 01st January 1957, is a co-CEO of the company Oracle Corporation, and with the past chairman, CEO and president of the Hewlett-Packard. Mark Hurd succeeded the CFO Robert Wayman that has served as the interim CEO from the time 10th February 2005 to 28th March 2005, after the earlier CEO Carly Fiorina that was also forced by board to put down their papers.


On 22nd September 2006, Hurd now have succeeded as the Pat Dunn being the chairman when she has resigned after pretexting controversy, mark hurd resigned from the positions from HP on 6th August 2010, succeeding for investigation in the claim of the harassment that made by the earlier reality of the TV actress. Moreover, the probe has even concluded that company harassment of the policy was not even violated, but its standards of the business conduct. Hurd is the member of Technology of the CEO Council, the coalition of the chairmen as well as chief executive officers with the IT companies that develops with the advocate with the public policy of the positions on technology as well as trade. At the same time, they also served on board of the directors of the news Corporation till the year 2010.

Draft Kings: Fantasy sports betting

draftAs an avid sports enthusiast you’ll know that there’s nothing as exciting as sports weekend when you get to watch your favourite teams battle it out in your chosen sport, be it basketball, baseball or the legendary football, you just can’t beat the excitement of a good sports match. Ever dreamed of being you own team manager and becoming the next NFL fantasy football star? Okay it may not be the real league, but it’s incredible fun for you and your friends and you can show off your skill and knowledge of the NFL. If you haven’t heard of Draft Kings yet, then you need to get on over to their site and sign up today.



It’s a simple process and before you know it you’ll be managing your own team. What’s even more is DraftKings is getting ready for another big fantasy football season. As the NFL nears kickoff, the sports fantasy site has announced it will giveaway $1 billion in prize money this year. DraftKings has an exclusive deal with Fox Sports that’s generated $300 million in third party investment.
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The best fantasy football community you’ll find online

leagueAs an avid sports fan you’ll know all about the ups and downs of great sports weekends and how much fun it is to support and track your team as they progress through the championship. How often have you thought to yourself I could select a better team than this, or I bet I could manage the team better than this. Well thankfully there are ways you can do this; of course not in the real league, it’s known as fantasy football. Do you have it takes to put together a winning football team? League Genius gives you the perfect chance to find out if you and your friends have what it takes to become a top flight team manager. Fantasy football, like most other fantasy related games, puts you in total charge of your new team, be it on the sidelines or in the front office you have total control.


leaguegeniusscreenshotmed is a new online Fantasy Football community where people can share and discuss fantasy football articles, news, strategy, and videos. Users can register with Twitter, Facebook, or E-mail – it only takes 10 seconds. So don’t delay and get signed up today and start showing off those managerial skills.