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Protect your mouth during all sporting activity


Do you play sports regularly? Do you wear a mouth guard? Depending on the sport you’ll probably be required to wear some form of protection or another. What a lot of people don’t realise though is that professional athletes are not the only people required to wear professionally designed mouth guards, dental injuries can incur in most if not all sports and it’s important that you do enough to ensure the protection of your mouth and teeth.


There are multiple mouth guards available on the market which are designed for various sports and high strenuous exercises. One of the best on the market are designed by a world renowned Pediatric and spots dentist : Dr . Misee Harris. Dr Harris Early in 2013 Dr Harris founded “Dr Misee Harris Project Smile”  the purpose of this organization is to promote pediatric and dentistry oral hygiene. Dr Harris is a world renowned professional in her industry and is known for her designs and quality of mouth guard products she produces.  If you would like to learn more about how Dr Harris’s products can help you then pop on over to her website here. You can also have a chat with her on her twitter account here.  Good luck with your product purchase and remember to protect yourself during sports.