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The Best Football Fitness Workout

Fitness is particularly important for Football players, as they’ll be called on in a match to run for up to 90 minutes, with no stoppage in time and only irregular stoppage of actions. When preparing for the upcoming soccer season, it is best to play the beautiful game of soccer as a way to get more fit, as there is no substitute for the game. Even small sided games for 15, 20 and 30 minute periods will help increase fitness and endurance.
As a separate workout away from the game, It is best for soccer players to alternate sprinting, distance and interval running during a fitness workout. With each workout, players should gradually increase repetitions and improve times.
Here are the best drills for a soccer fitness workout:
300’s: On a soccer field, start out on the end line and sprint to mid-field up and back 6 times (50 yards x 6 = 300). High school players should try to run these in less than 70 seconds. After each 300, rest for two minutes and then repeat.
Hills: Find a steady incline hill (no “baby” hills)  Sprint up the hill and jog down. The jogging is recovery time, so this can be done slowly. Once players reach the bottom, the should turn around and sprint up the hill again. After five (5) hills, then take a two minutes rest and do five (5) more.
Cones: These are sprints. Place cones about five (5) yards apart for 25 yards.  Players should spring to the first cone and then back, then to the second cone and then back, and so on.  Five cones up and back is one repetition. Do ten (10) reps and then a one (1) minute rest. Then ten (10) more.
Challenged yet? We’re just getting started…
30-30’s: This is interval training.  Players should begin by jogging for a few minutes and then the fun begins. Next is to alternate 30 seconds of jogging with 30 seconds of sprinting.  Do a set of five (5) 30-30’s, then rest two (2) minutes and then five (5) more. 
120’s: This is a full sprint of the length of the soccer field. High school players should try to do this in less than 20 seconds. After reaching the opposite end line, players should jog back, allowing 60 seconds to recover. Do 7-10 of these.
Cooling down and stretching: Players should always take fifteen to twenty minutes to cool down and stretch to conclude fitness training.

What Makes a Great Cricket Captain

Ultimately, team efficiency is the measure of a great cricket captain. Still, an excellent cricket captain isn’t just a captain of an excellent team. Captains should have characteristics and natural features that enable them to acquire the most out of their teams.

Although the Australians from 2003-2009 were a dominant team, Ricky Ponting is not considered a good captain in some quarters. Cricket pundits regard Stephen Fleming as a good captain, despite the ordinary New Zealand team that he led. Good cricket captains require more than ‘good’ results; they must have some or all of seven attributes.
#1 Astute tactician
Cricket is a thinking game and the cricket captain must guide his team on the field. Field placing and strategies to get batsmen out or win/save a game are the purview of the captain. Good captains have a grasp on tactics and apply them in the right situation. They know when to take a gamble and when defence is the best form of attack. A good captain is usually positive and pragmatic with his tactics.
#2 Motivator and Influencer
A good cricket captain can motivate players on and off the cricket field. Not all captains are admired but a good one should be respected. Players should be able to get a lift from their captain- a lift that enables them to elevate their on-field performance. By dint of this, good captains should be self-motivators as well.
#3 Vision
Ideally, a captain should have a vision about what he wants the cricket team to become. Is the emphasis on rebuilding a team or solidifying a strong team? A good captain goes beyond a day-to-day role by adopting the role of leader and visionary. The captain- in conjunction with team management- should have a clear view of the overall direction of the cricket team.
#4 Resilience
When the chips are down, a good captain needs to believe. Otherwise, he would be hard-pressed to get his teammates believing that they could overcome on-field adversity. Chris Gayle of the West Indies was a perfect example of a lack of resilience. When the chips are down, Gayle waits for something to happen and may appear to be resigned to fate. Steve Waugh, on the other hand, had a steely reserve that reflected in his batting. Australia was able to convert weak positions into strong ones because Waugh believed.
#5 Communication and conflict resolution skills

A good captain must be able to dialogue with players both on and off the field. In any teams, problems may arise from time to time. Even if the captain is the cause of the problem, he or she should be able assist with resolving any dispute or grievance amicably.

In addition to those basic attributes, a good cricket captain should also be:

  • A sporting statesman
  • Skilled in interacting with the media
  • A student of the game with a grasp of cricket history
  • An enforcer of the spirit of cricket
It may seem useless to have all these fine attributes if your team never wins. What these attributes do is help a captain to get the most out of his team. A captain- like a good manager- has to work through others. Whether he is a batsman, bowler or all-rounder, a captain cannot dismiss all the batsmen or score all the runs. Being a good cricket captain just elevates team performance.

After second title win on trot team India rejoice on Twitter

Indian cricketers took to social media to state their delight at raising the Trination ODI series trophy and praise skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni for directing the group home after a mid-innings collapse. India beat Sri Lanka by one wicket to raise the name with Dhoni being the hero of the success after striking a 52-ball 45.

“Had been best 2 months of cricket. Going back with 2 trophies.Thankyou everyone for your love and support,” tweeted Shikhar Dhawan.All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja and batsman Suresh Raina also took to Twitter to convey their joy.

“Wonderful victory yesterday ..Flying home with Two trophys ,we r champions…… Jai hind,” tweeted Jadeja.

“Phew! What a win. Heroic once again by @msdhoni. Coming home with two trophies!!!!,”said Raina.Pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who bagged his maiden Man of the Series award, thanked his fans for supporting him.

“Extremely happy for being awarded man of the series for the first time. Thankyou everyone for your love and support,” he said.
“Had been best 2 months of cricket. Going back with 2 trophies. Great team effort,” he added referring to the Champions Trophy triumph just days before the tri-series.
Off-spinner R Ashwin lauded Dhoni for keeping his calm in the tense match.”What a win!!What composure from the man!!!That was the perfect finish,to what’s been a great 2 months.”