Motivate your child to become a great sportsman or women

A parent or trainer has one of the very significant functions within the growth of a young child’s awareness and values they put on physical activity and sport. More »

Sportsman spirit and sportsmanship

Sports actually means the physical activities that people love to participate and enjoy plus it also makes them healthy in the process. More »

Running Tips and Workouts

\\\'Running o-n s-and requires one to produce more power and sort out a larger range of motion, out of your legs to your hip flexors and arms,\\\' claims Big Sur Distance Project elite coach Bob Sevene. More »

Exercise Your Eyes to Raise Peripheral Vision for Athletics

About 20 percent of the peripheral nerves assist your capability to stay balanced. More »

How to Run the 100 & 400 Meter Dash Faster

Running the 100 meter sprint takes focus, energy and unbelievable kind. To race at-the greatest levels of competitors, you’ll require lots of normal rate. Some thing else you’ll also have to learn about is racing technique and method. More »


Best Underwear for Running

mensAre you a dedicated runner looking to improve your skill on the road or on the track? Have you considered that your equipment may be holding you back? We all know the difference shoes can make in our running but have you considered the improvement you may gain from using the best underwear for running?

Running causes a build-up of sweat around you groin which is absorbed by your underwear. Traditional underwear is not designed for athletic performance and its common for runners to complain that their underwear becomes soaked and rides up on them, causing the runner to break pace while they adjust the underwear’s position.


If you are tired of underwear that rides up and irritates you during your workout, then visit us for the best underwear for running that will stay firmly in place and offer you better breathability and moisture wicking, keeping you drier for longer while giving a comfortable fit.

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gilda1Art is one of those practices that can be understand globally. Unlike language, literature, science, and math, which vary across the world, art is one of the few disciplines everyone can understand.


Gilda Garza, a Mexican painter, uses art to express the moments in her life that stood out to her with color and a masterful skill.


Garza says she can’t remember a time she wasn’t painting after she was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. Her talent and love for painting was passed on to her from her grandmother and mother.


She lived in one of the most dangerous locations in Mexico. She was surrounded my war and tragedy almost all of her life. She had family members who were kidnapped and went through a tragic breakup. All of these raw emotions culminated and present themselves in her paintings. In fact, the artist credits these emotions for her success, saying pain and suffering turn into inspiration and creativity. Each of her pieces reflect a moment in her life.


Some of her pieces include women surrounded by stars, a woman drinking coffee with the words “shine shine gilda3baby” written above her head, a woman on horseback, Playboy-inspired paintings, and raging bulls to name a few. Most of her paintings either showcase a love for her home country of Mexico, or they are images of women who are painted to look sexy and powerful. Because of this, Garza has been applauded as a female making strides in the art community for women everywhere.


The painter has been a guest at several events, including one at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nev.; another, the True Love exhibition in Miami; and the Red Lips exhibition. On her site, her fans can see albums of her work, including Te Amo Mexico, which showcases the painter’s pride in her home country; Girls and Art, which showcases the real-life photos that inspired some of her paintings; and more.


All of her work has sold out every show from her Miami event in 2016 to the most recent one in Las Vegas this year in 2017. Her events have been star studded as she has hosted gusts like Beverly Hills Housewife and reality star Lisa Vanderpump as well as an event with DJ Calvin Harris in partnership with Playboy Mexico.


Garza is also a hit on Instagram, where she has nearly 45,000 followers. Her fans love her and her work, and so do news organizations.


gilda4Medium, an online news organization, says that Gilda Garza is “blazing the way” for female painters, and blogger Norma Gouma said “Gilda Garza is a lad to watch.” All of the news organizations who have reported on Gilda’s work say that she is one of very few Mexican-born female painters to really make a mark in the United States.


Gilda Garza Paints Giant Sneaker to Mark the Phoenix Suns of the NBA ’ 50th Anniversary

Mexican Painter, Gilda Garza, delighted scores of guests at The Phoenix Suns’ of the NBA, Slam Dunk at 50 celebrations event held on September 22, with her rendition of a giant basketball shoe.

The giant shoe painting dubbed ‘Love without Borders’ was painted with vibrant shades of orange and gold on the upper and featured black laces and outsole. The artist added a bit of drama to the piece with her use of paint dripping technique which saw fine streaks of gold paint dripping onto the black outsole.  Ever the patriotic painter, Garza’s painting featured two Phoenix Suns cheerleaders on each side of the shoe- one reaching towards a US Flag fireworks and the other reaching towards a Mexican flag fireworks.

Often described as Sofia Vergara meets Frida Kahol
Gilda is one of Mexico’s most prominent painters and has collectors around the globe


For more information, or to see Gilda Garza and her work, visit You can also reach the painter on Snapchat, Instagram, and Google Plus, or email her at

Get to know everything about bouncing extreme sports!

schoolBe part to the new era of sports

Do not worry if you are in the situation of being interested in practicing some sport but do not feel totally comfortable with the idea. Even if you don’t feel like you have those many options the bouncing sports may represent a great choice.

There are now some great tools, devices, and methods that man has designed to make it easy for anyone to perform some physical activity and feel how their bodies really train on a sport discipline; one of them is bounce sports, the air is the new sports platform.

Exercise up in the air!

If your physical conditions or your believes make you think that sports may not me for you, there might be a possibility that you change your mind with the new trends in sports.

In Asia, with the air technics that have become a fad, Taiwan is now a great representative of the whole thing of sports related to bouncing and air exercising.

Children and adults for sure have a sport to fit their needs and reach, no matter if it is some extreme sport, or as they call it back there in Asia: 極限運動. There are bouncing platforms as the way to make your body train in most sports centers you go.

The new plan you may for the upcoming summer camp?

You can be sure that the options you take will be greatly organized for you: children’s recreation area, general bouncing area, professional bouncing area, basketball bouncing area, dodge ball bouncing area, extreme running area, rock climbing area and other places.

No doubt any more about the options you may have. Once you try air and bouncing sports you will see that no one is left out in their likes and attraction for different sports and activities.


trampolineIf you have children, you know how excited they get when they visit a home with a trampoline. They get to bounce around with their friends while getting a bit of a workout.


Odds are, your kids have also hinted that they’d love to have one of their own. In today’s economy, many are scared to make a commitment and buy something because they are afraid they can’t afford it. However, saving a bit can help you afford whatever you’re looking for.


As far as trampolines go, it is important not to just buy the cheapest option. Anything that is cheaper may not last too long, or could rip and result in an injury. Outside of that, trampoline costs could fluctuate depending on size, accessories like safety nets, and the material the trampoline is made of.


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